Information for vets

The following documents have been produced solely for veterinary surgeons providing care to cats in the care of Cats Protection (CP).

The guidance applies veterinary shelter medicine principles to issues not infrequently faced by CP. The guidance is not a substitute for specific clinical judgement and veterinary advice for individual cats, as it is appreciated that all cases are different. The guidance and protocols do not translate to owned cats, where husbandry, infectious disease risks and feline stresses can differ significantly.

Vets may also find other sections on the website of specific interest, such as the neutering section and our public ‘essential’ and ‘veterinary’ guides.
Kitten Neutering Database (KiND) Micro site

On this site you will find:

  • Links and articles to the scientific evidence supporting four month neutering
  • A suggested anaesthetic protocol in a quick reference format
  • A video produced for vets by vets, taking you through male and female surgery
  • The public and veterinary Kitten Neutering Database
  • Resources to help you train your team
  • How to become a kitten neutering champion and place your practice on both databases
  • FAQs
Visit the dedicated Kitten Neutering Database website - Click here

Veterinary protocols

Cats entering the UK from abroad - PDF - 300KB - Download
CP's veterinary guide - PDF - 6MB - Download
CP's Routine Parasite Control Procedures - PDF - 85KB - Download
Ringworm procedures - PDF - 127KB - Download
Feline Parvovirus FPV procedures - PDF - 111KB - Download
Investigation of heart murmurs - PDF - 42KB - Download
FIV/FeLV flow charts - PDF - 129KB - Download
Assessment of feline neutered status - PDF - 62KB - Download
CP FCoV and FIP procedures - PDF - 156KB - Download
Virbac Speed Duo Test Instruction Sheet - PDF - 591KB - Download
Acute diarrhoea procedure - PDF - 262KB - Download
Bristol Cat Oral Health Card which can be used when carrying out CP cat assessment status as part of the veterinary clinical examination - PDF - 520KB - Download
CP Earlier neutering principles anaesthetic quad protocol chart - PDF - 800KB - Download - Please follow this link for the link to the RSPCA/CP Kitten Quad app By Elliot Yates available on the App store - Click here

Veterinary Products and Discount schemes

Veterinary Discount Schemes - PDF - 23KB - Download
Discounted FIV PCR Tests

Information document - PDF - 19KB - Download
Langford submission forms for CP - PDF - 265KB - Download

Commonly ordered veterinary products

Commonly ordered products list - PDF - 49KB - Download
Commonly asked vaccination questions - PDF - 370KB - Download
Important news regarding Cats Protection (CP) vaccines - PDF - 221KB - Download
Broadline Spot On application document - PDF - 222KB - Download
Essential & Veterinary guides - order form - PDF - 14KB - Download  

Other useful documents

The Feline Fort - PDF - 928KB - Download
Association of charity vets - PDF - 17KB - Download
Vet briefing about antifreeze poisonings - PDF - 32KB - Download
Letter to cat owners re antifreeze from CP - PDF - 161KB - Download
Veterinary Poisons Information Service - Online modules - Website - Click here

Cats Protection - A guide to pre-pubertal neutering – produced for viewing by the veterinary profession

This video has been produced as a training aid so contains close up detailed images of surgery. Some viewers may find this version too graphic and will prefer to see a lay version produced for the general public also below.
Click here
For the lay version please visit

CPD record card for vets and veterinary nurses

Please download the self-recording card after completion of  Cat’s Protection’s free CPD opportunities - Understanding Feline Origins (UFO) our free online feline behaviour course or watching ‘A guide to pre-pubertal neutering’ our veterinary earlier neutering DVD.

Download self recording card - PDF - 2MB